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Insurance is one way to achieve financial freedom, helping you avoid spending from your savings to address different kinds of emergencies. For example, everyone knows how expensive medical treatments can get, especially if it’s an advanced stage of a disease. Buying health insurance can cover these expenses so that you don’t have to pay for the treatment and medical bills from your own pocket.

On the other hand, business insurance protects a company from running into financial losses due to many unforeseen incidents, such as natural calamities, lawsuits, cybercrimes, or even property damages to third parties. Imagine not having business insurance and dealing with a lawsuit. Your company would take a huge financial hit. If you want to protect your company from financial losses, get in touch with Koba Capital. We are the leading insurance brokerage company in Queens, New York, that provides business and personal clients the best insurance solutions.

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About us

About Koba Capital

Choosing an insurance policy can get tricky, especially with so many companies providing attractive deals. If you are not sure which policy to pick, feel free to talk to us. Koba Capital representatives will first listen to your requirements, shortlist the policies that match your needs, and finally, let you choose the policy you want. Whether you are an individual who wants to buy health or life insurance or an entrepreneur looking to safeguard your business’s finances with various insurance policies, we keep your best interests in mind.

When Mike Koba founded the company back in 2010, he had one vision – to provide the best insurance policies that offer the most value for money. Every Koba Capital representative shares the same vision. With over a decade of experience in the industry, we are now more efficient than ever in helping you select an insurance policy that’s tailor-made according to your requirements.

Mike Koba, Founder of Koba Capital
Mike Koba

CEO & Founder of Koba Capital

Koba Capital

What we offer

Insurance policies help mitigate financial risks, both for individuals and businesses. At Koba Capital, we can help you choose from a range of insurance policies that fit your budget and coverage expectations.

About Koba

Personal insurance

Health insurance

Health insurance provides a financial backup during medical emergencies. You never know when an unexpected accident or disease lands you in a hospital. The treatment and medical expenses that come with it can drain you financially. With significant insurance coverage, you can ensure that you don’t need to pay anything from your savings. Discuss with us the amount of premium you can afford to pay in a year and the coverage you expect, and we will come up with a few policies that fit your demands.

Car insurance

Cars are like babies to many. You may not even want to see a scratch on your beloved car. However, you can’t control how others drive on the road. Your car can get into an accident out of nowhere due to someone else’s rash driving. Mending your car after the accident can be expensive, but not if you have car insurance. Depending on the policy terms and conditions, this type of insurance can cover all types of car damage repair expenses.

Life insurance

Life insurance provides financial coverage for contingencies linked with your life, like disability, death, or retirement. It offers a lump sum amount of money to your family in case you die. Additionally, you can use your life insurance money after retirement if you don’t die within the policy’s maturity period.

Business insurance

Business professional insurance

Dealing with a lawsuit involves paying your lawyers and various legal fees which are quite expensive. It’s possible to save on these costs if you have business professional insurance. There are three types of business professional insurance: professional liability insurance, general liability insurance, and product liability insurance. All of them cover your business’s direct financial liabilities that it may incur due to the lawsuits.

Avoid rushing into buying an insurance policy without doing research. If you find it time-consuming to research the policies of different companies, allow us to do the hard work. Let us find you a policy that suits your budget and coverage expectations.

Disability insurance

It’s unfortunate for an employee to become disabled at work, but accidents can happen at any moment. If you want to avoid paying for the employee’s wages from your pocket until he rejoins work, you can take out a disability insurance policy.

There are two types of disability insurance policies: short-term and long-term. Some people think that disability insurance covers medical expenses also, but it doesn’t. Instead, it pays a part of the employee’s lost income every month until he is fit to come back to work.

Workers’ compensation insurance

A worker can sue you if he gets injured at work. It may be due to a faulty machine, insufficient safety equipment, or many other things. Paying for medical expenses and prolonged treatment can get costly after some time. Therefore, it’s wise to get workers’ compensation insurance as soon as you start your business. It pays for an injured worker’s treatment and medical bills until he is fit enough to go back to work.

Koba About Us

Our Mission

We appreciate the important role insurance plays in your business or life. In the business realm, aside from meeting legal requirements, it comes in handy when your business is exposed to a liability claim, lawsuit, or any other risk.

Koba Insurance

Our Vision

We have a team ready to do the hard work for you and present to you the best insurance solutions for your specific needs. We’ve developed a well-oil process to match our customers with the best insurance solution for their specific needs while making it easy for all our customers.

Business Insurance Brokers

Our Goal

Working with many of the leading insurance companies in New York allows our team to meet more of your insurance coverage needs than many other brokers. We offer a comprehensive line of insurance solutions for both personal and business needs.

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