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At Koba Capital NYC Insurance Brokers, our goal is to offer top insurance coverage designed to meet your business or personal needs.

Business And Personal Insurance Brokerage


Koba Capital provides various insurance products such as Business professional insurance, Workers’ compensation, Malpractice,  and many more. As experts in insurance policies, we promise complete transparency throughout the process.

We are insurance brokers in NYC who assist businesses of all sizes with their insurance needs, from risk management and assessment to policy selection and implementation. Our team of experienced professionals offers our clients a personalized approach to insurance that meets each customer’s unique requirements. 

Further, with Koba Capital, you can be sure that your business is fully protected and insured against potential risks. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help protect your business!

 We look forward to hearing from you.

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Our Services

Director and Officer

Employee Liability

Sexual Harassment

Exotic Car Insurance

Home Owners

Koba Capital Insurance

At Koba Capital, our goal is to offer top insurance coverage, designed to meet your business or personal needs.

Access to over 100 carriers

Leading The Innovative Way

The team at Koba Capital Insurance Brokers is always looking for new, better, and innovative ways to protect our clients. Whether you need car insurance for your business vehicle or high-end sports car, malpractice insurance for your practice, jewelry insurance, property insurance, rental insurance, and much more, you can rely on us to help you manage risk by ensuring you have optimal insurance coverage.

Koba Capital Insurance Brokers With Over 100 Insurance Carriers

To help our customers find the right company and terms, we ensure we search far and wide. Our firm has over 100 insurance carriers, which gives us ample leeway to find excellent insurance companies and insurance products that will meet your needs. You can trust Koba Capital to match you with the best insurance companies and help you find the best terms possible.

Customers First

We place our customers above everything else. That’s why we offer customer-centric insurance brokerage services. We’ve crafted our services with the specific goal of exceeding your expectations. Our goal is to make your life easier by helping you attain the best insurance policies and terms possible. With creative thinking at the forefront of our solutions, we continuously look at how we can meet our customers’ needs much better and faster.


Satisfied Clients
Our Insurance Brokerage in Queens NY

Accounting Taboon
Accounting Taboon
We have GL, WC & Employment Liability with Koba Capital. This team working very professional and respond with high level of efficiency. Thanks!
Michelle Aran
Michelle Aran
I can't begin to express my immense gratitude for the exceptional service provided by my Mike & Koba Capital. I truly feel compelled to share my incredible experience, as it was a game-changer for my businesses. From the moment I first reached out to Mike,I immediately sensed their genuine dedication to helping me find the best insurance options. They went above and beyond to understand my unique needs and circumstances, taking the time to listen attentively and offer personalized recommendations. What truly sets them apart is their unwavering commitment to saving me money while providing value. I was astounded by the effort they put into analyzing my existing policies and finding areas where I could optimize coverage while reducing costs. They left no stone unturned in their quest to secure the most competitive rates and uncover valuable discounts. Thanks to their expertise and diligence, I experienced significant savings without compromising the coverage I required. Throughout the entire process, Koba Capital maintained a level of professionalism and integrity that made me feel like I was their top priority. They patiently addressed all my questions and concerns, ensuring I felt informed and confident in the choices I was making. Their clear explanations and guidance demystified the complex world of insurance, allowing me to navigate with ease. Mike didn't stop at merely finding the right policies; they took the time to educate me about the nuances of each option, ensuring I understood the coverage provided and the potential benefits. Their genuine care for my well-being and financial security was evident in every interaction. I felt like more than just a client; I felt like a valued individual whose best interests were at the forefront of their efforts. Thanks to Koba Capital’s dedication and expertise, I now have comprehensive liability and workers' compensation coverage in place that perfectly meets my needs. The savings they secured for me were truly remarkable, and I couldn't be happier with the outcome. If you're searching for an insurance broker who will truly have your back, I wholeheartedly recommend. Their exceptional service, genuine care, and commitment to finding the best solutions make them an absolute gem. They have my trust and gratitude, and I am confident they will deliver the same level of authenticity and care to anyone seeking their services. Thank you, Koba Capital, for being a genuine lifesaver and making such a positive impact in my life. I am forever grateful for your expertise and unwavering support.
Clever Barber
Clever Barber
Mike Koba is one of the best insurance brokers I’ve worked with in my life he’s a true professional always gets you the best rates highly recommend mike at koba capital !
Avraham Bakst
Avraham Bakst
Mike and his team at Koba are the best! They saved me when my prior broker messed up and didn't renew my malpractice. Mike was able to renew fast enough to prevent a lapse and got more coverage at a cheaper rate! Thank you!
Tatyana Rabinovich
Tatyana Rabinovich
Always a pleasure to deal with Mike. He is highly professional , fast and straight to the point.
Ur Ka
Ur Ka
Excellent service! Thank you!
Avi Davidoff
Avi Davidoff
Fast, responsive, fair and extremely knowledgeable! Really thankful to the entire team at Koba capital. Great rates on all types insurance, do everything through them. They are very hands on, and help with every aspect of providing coverage. Also go above and beyond to deal with nagging issues that may arise, that most if not all other providers would have you handle on your own. Ps: Also really recently had a claim insurance company was trying to leave me with the short end of the stick but Koba capital gave me proper guidance to assure I get fair compensation! These guys are great, highly recommend!!!
Emil D
Emil D
Mike is very knowledgeable in the insurance industry. He helped me get the right coverage, with the best carriers and very competitive pricing. Will recommend 10/10
Marani Restaurant
Marani Restaurant
If you want true personal, human and efficient service, this is your place! Real people, real results! Business is personal!

100% satisfactory services provided by our professional staff. Best insurance policies with unparalleled customer support.

I have worked with Mike for over the last five years and he has always made himself available for any insurance related issues, questions or concerns. He has always provided my family with quick and reliable information and services. He actually looks out for his customers and check's in to make sure everything is actually working out as you planned. I thoroughly enjoy working with him as he provides an excellent expert advice. His office location is also very convenient, clean and makes you feel at home.

Jane S

I own a Real Estate Brokerage and have dealt with KOBA CAPITAL LLC for years for both personal use and referred several clients. They are very professional, responsive and have the best interest of the client at heart. Mike, the owner, is very hands on and you can rely on him. Highly recommend for any individual or businesses looking for new insurance or bidding on current policies.

Alex Carini

Mike is very reliable and attentive to his clients needs, after many years, we feel very comfortable working with him. Provides details on various policy options and coverage to ensure needs are met and coverage is appropriate. During life changing events he’s one of our go to contacts. Highly recommend.

E Alex Z

    We're an Insurance Brokerage in New York, New Jersey & Florida.

    Established in 2010 by Mike Koba in the Queens area of New York, Koba Capital Insurance brokerage has provided and continues to provide business and personal clients the best insurance solutions. 

    Koba Capital Insurance
    insurance brokers koba capital

    Providing An Array of Policys

    Koba Capital offers dozens of insurance services. A few of which are at the glance.

    Disability insurance

    It’s unfortunate for an employee to become disabled at work, but accidents can happen at any moment.

    Car Insurance

    Cars are like babies to many. You may not even want to see a scratch on your beloved car. However, you can’t control how others drive on the road.

    Life Insurance

    Life insurance provides financial coverage for contingencies linked with your life, like disability, death, or retirement.

    Workers’ Compensation Insurance

    A worker can sue you if he gets injured at work. It may be due to a faulty machine, insufficient safety equipment, or many other things.

    Cyber Insurance

    With more data going digital everyday Cyber insurance provides some peace of mind if your company falls victim to a Cyber Attack.

    Business Professional Insurance

    Dealing with a lawsuit involves paying your lawyers and various legal fees which are quite expensive. It’s possible to save on these costs if you have business professional insurance.

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    How it Works

    We’ve developed a well-oil process to match our customers with the best insurance solution for their specific needs while making it easy for all our customers. In just a few steps, we’ll avail to you the best insurance solutions.

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    An insurance agent in New York is an individual who works with one or more insurance companies to sell their products. On the other hand, an insurance broker in New York is an independent intermediary who works with multiple insurance companies to provide unbiased advice and options to their customers.

    A broker offers a more comprehensive and unbiased approach to selecting coverage than an agent. Brokers can access multiple insurance companies, allowing them to compare policies, coverage options, and prices. This helps ensure customers get the best policy for their needs and budget. Additionally, brokers can advise clients on risk mitigation strategies and help them save money. They also provide ongoing support to ensure that clients’ policies stay up to date with changing regulations.

    The amount of broker fees depends on the policy’s type and size, as well as the services provided by the broker.

    The main difference between an insurance agent and a broker is that an insurance agent represents the interests of one or more insurers. They work to find the best policy for their clients. On the other hand, a broker represents the interests of the customer. They work to find coverage that meets both the customer’s needs and budget. In addition, brokers have access to a larger selection of insurers than agents. This allows them to provide more insurance options for their customers.

    Yes, brokers are an excellent resource for finding the best insurance policy for your needs and budget. They contain access to multiple insurers and can compare and contrast policies to help you make the best decision for your business.

    Companies use insurance brokers for a variety of reasons. Brokers can provide expertise and advice on selecting the best policy coverage that meets business needs and budgets. They can also provide ongoing support to help ensure policies stay updated with changing regulations.

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